When is the next soccer session?

The next session is our Spring II session, beginning April 27th, 2023

How can I access the rules for adult and youth soccer leagues?

Are shin guards required?

Adult soccer leagues: Shin guards are recommended but not required.

Youth soccer leagues: Shin guards are required for all youth soccer leagues (U7-U18)

What type of athletic shoes can be worn?

Only turf shoes, flats or tennis shoes can be worn. Any player caught wearing cleats will be asked to change shoes or asked to leave the field.

How many players can be on a team?

A maximum of 18 players are allowed on your roster

How many players are on the field?

Youth: U7-U10 (8v8), U11-U12 (7v7), U13-U18 (6v6), High School Coed (6v6 – at least 2 females on the field at all times)

Adult: All adult leagues are 7v7

When are team rosters and player waivers due and how are they submitted?

All teams must have a roster and waivers submitted before your first game. Roster additions can be made until the third game of the session. Each team is allowed a maximum of 18 players on their roster.

Team captains/coaches will receive a confirmation email upon online registration. This email will contain the roster link for each team. If your team requires your roster link, please email Soccer@starsindoorsports.com. Captains must enter each player onto the roster including; their name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.

Captains can also assign individual players their team fee. Rostered players will receive a waiver via email to complete.

Any team who plays a non-rostered player will forfeit the game(s) in question following a roster check.

Can you challenge the roster of an opposing team?

If your team would like to challenge the roster of an opponent, your team captain and/or coach must inform the referee of this before the start of the game or at halftime. Roster checks will not be allowed after halftime. The game will be stopped, but not the clock. A Stars Indoor Sports staff member will enter the field and roster check both teams. Players must present a valid ID for the roster check. Any players present who are not on the team’s roster, will result in a 5-0 forfeit loss for that team.