Little Stars Soccer

Little Stars Soccer Instructional Programs

Our Little Stars Soccer Instructional Program is a soccer development program for children ranging from 18 months old to 9 years old. It is designed to teach toddlers basic motor skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, and strengthen each child’s social skills. Older children will be taught strength, flexibility, the importance of teamwork, all while having fun playing soccer in the process.

Age groups are divided into five classes: Tiny Stars, Shooting Stars, Rising Stars, All Stars, and Supernovas. Classes are held Tuesday through Saturday at certain times of the day. We currently offer Fall, Winter, and Spring Sessions.

Spring II Session: May 8th-July 2nd

Pricing: $119 for 8 week session

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Tiny Stars (18 months-24 months)Click Here for More Information
Shooting Stars (2-3 years old)Click Here for More Information
Rising Stars (3-4 years old)Click Here for More Information
All Stars (5-6 years old)Click Here for More Information
Supernovas (7-9 years old)Click Here for More Information

Little Stars Schedule

Tiny Stars (18 months-24 months)Shooting Stars (2-3 years old)Rising Stars (3-4 years old)All Stars (5-6 years old)Supernovas (7-9 years old)
Tuesday 3pm RegistrationTuesday 4pm RegistrationTuesday 5pm RegistrationTuesday 6pm RegistrationTuesday 7pm Registration
Saturday 9am RegistrationSaturday 10am RegistrationSaturday 11am RegistrationSaturday 12pm RegistrationSaturday 12pm Registration

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